Monday, May 17, 2010


I have a confession to make.

I mostly blog (or read other people's blogs, which is far more enlightening really) when I'm supposed to be doing my uni work. Well, it's not like I get to spend much time online at work like other people do 'cause anyone who's ever worked in a shop would know you don't exactly get much random-interwebs-trawling time when standing behind a counter, what with all the folk and their "Hey, do you have that book about that guy who did that thing? I think the cover's, like, blue-ish?".

I also complain about how much time and effort doing a Masters takes up. I mean, really, who'd've thought they were supposed to be difficult? So this morning I got up and opened my latest essay and some online research papers, and the first thing I did was type the following into google:

dog people vs cat people

I don't even know why. I don't know where this came from or what made it so important that at 8.30am it was the only thing I wanted to find out about. So then I deleted the words from the google box and went back to the paper I was reading on typefaces.

Then I went back to google and found out that dog people tend to be more social and outgoing, whereas cat people tend to be more neurotic but "open". Thanks CNN.

So I've come to the conclusion that when it comes to uni work I'm just a Master Procrastinator.

I mean, I do get things done. I even managed to finish my undergrad degree with a bare minimum of all-nighters the day before an essay was due. And these days my idea of being "late" with having an essay finished is that I'm only on my third draft two weeks before the due date. And when it comes to the workplace I'm just fine... This affliction strangely only affects the university study portion of my brain.

But still... How much more fun is it to check Postsecret or Garfield Minus Garfield than to actually knuckle down and get some shit done that you're supposed to get done? How much interestinger is it to write a blog about procrastinating than just do the thing that you're putting off? How much cooler is the word "interestinger" than the phrase "more interesting"? How great is it making up stupid words?

Speaking of awesome words: Tickety-boo.

Proscrastinating ROCKS, and if you can deal with the mostly-consuming sense of guilt, the last minute panic, the sudden realisation that it's 8.30pm and dark outside and you've done nothing all day but look up lost, grainy old Beatles footage on YouTube and various other internet-type-random-datbases that may or may not have given your computer some kind of cold, if not a virus -- well, then, you too are a Master. Rejoice!

Now get back to work.


  1. nice hannah :) am inspired to read more but will rather do as you suggest and go back to work.
    i'll be back later though, just as soon as something really important comes up that i really have to do right now and i start looking for something else to do instead.
    see you in paris soon??

  2. I noticed that your "ghillie suit" pic on "Happy Chair is Happy" on Cheezburger looks a lot like one of those McDonald's Fry Guys.