Monday, May 3, 2010


I like to make lists.

Here's one I started recently (it's a work in progress).

Things that make me happy (in no particular order)

  • cuddles

  • wine and beer

  • piles of books

  • this

  • and this

  • Hare Krishnas

  • Random people smiling to themselves

  • Tisbe

Images of Hare Krishnas (Jurvetson) and girl smiling (Alarzy) are sourced from Flickr and licensed under Creative Commons. Thanks also to Jamaica Kincaid Boy and Big Red for appearing (not that they know about it...)

1 comment:

  1. the bread looks like a bottom. hehe

    here are some lucksmiths-inspired things that i like: singing in the supermarket, t-shirt weather and the golden age of aviation.

    "you can't help it, hopelessly nostalgic. a passing interest in the past, but i think it's going to last a little longer. and the novelty wore off when the pilots still wore goggles but your eyes look skyward and your mind still boggles."