Sunday, May 23, 2010

From the archive

Two poems I wrote while travelling in the US... (Don't stop reading just because they're poems. They're terribly silly, I promise).

An Ode to the Ton of Bos

Boston, oh Boston,

You let me stay here.

For just a few days

You gave me some cheer.

I wandered your streets,

I looked at your art.

The main thing I learned

Was that you have heart.

Out in the sticks

I made some fine friends,

And at the Black Rose

We drank vodka blends.

Your parks and fine gardens,

Your great Freedom Trail,

All of it blurry,

'Cause I sampled your ale.

But when I felt ill

You didn’t just shun me,

You did in fact welcome.

It’s really quite funny.

For with pizza and milk

Your good shops abound,

And you have funny buses

To show us around.

At your Jewish memorial

I thought for awhile

It’s special to Boston

To remember in style.

And of course, alongside,

Non-stop Irish pubs.

At Faneuil and Quincy,

Ay, there's the rub.

For it's hard to see history

When you're soaking up drink,

And in these there bars

I started to think.

Boston, my dear,

Not too snobby or new,

My liver near died

When we were with you.

Meditations in Central Park

How did squirrels get to Central Park?

Did someone put them there?

Did they grow brown squirrel wings

And fly over through the air?

How did squirrels get to Central Park?

Did someone really care?

Or did they stick them on that island

To see just how they'd fair?

1 comment:

  1. it warms my heart to read poems that rhyme
    free verse is a bit boring after a time

    new york new york it's a hell of a town
    the bronx is up and the battery's down

    (ooh. did i just plagerise?)
    (lucky i didn't bowdlerize.)