Thursday, April 22, 2010

A blog about me

This blog is kind of like one of those books in which an impossibly glamorous and successful thirty-something woman packs in her crummy existence in Sydney/New York/London and makes her way to Rome/Tuscany/Paris to start a new impossibly glamorous and successful life.

Except that it's nothing like that at all.

It's just about me. My name is Hannah and I'm pretty regular really. Despite being nearing thirty myself, I'm still a student, I work in retail/menial office tasks and moonlight as a writer-of-crappy-reviews. I am possibly the world's oldest intern, comping myself out a day a week in the office of a funky travel company. I want to be a travel writer when I grow up, but I haven't really written anything in a long time.

In short, this is yet another of those slightly chaotic and completely self-centred blogs that is all about me and my life and what I think and what I think you might want to read and my job, my eating habits, my occasional travels, my cat, my my mymymymymy. I was going to go against the grain, kick it old school and write a regular old book, but it recently occurred to me that it might be fun (and slightly easier) to join the hordes of self-indulgent people of my genus and start a blog.

So here 'tis. A blog about me.

The other thing I am hoping will set me apart from those writing in the aforementioned genre (successful chicks, that is, not bloggers) is that I am writing without the benefit of the merciful sugar-coatedness of that thing called hindsight. I am (like oh so many co-bloggers) pretty much just scribbling as I go (don't worry, I'll read it back over once or twice to make sure there aren't any typos). Oh, and I'm not giving up my apartment, breaking up with my boyfriend, quitting my job or any of the usual cliches. I don't think my boyfriend would like that very much. I will be heading overseas at some point, and doing a few crazy things (hopefully involving lots of beer, an exchange student reunion, a German/English/Canadian/Aussie/Dutch gathering of madness, sojourns in Ljubljana, French goat farming, walking across the Spanish border and flying a budget airline long-haul... among other things) but mostly I'll just be living my life and writing it down.

Sounds boring doesn't it? I know! I'm starting to feel like it's going to BE boring... but we'll see how we go. Generally things are pretty funny when my crazy friends are around, and I do have two jobs, an internship, a Masters degree, a couple of weddings, a funny family, visiting Americans, planning and taking a trip, financial woes and a cat who thinks she's a lion to deal with. And I did mention my friends are pretty crazy didn't I? So I'm thinking this could be alright. Stick with me for now. Please?

Don't make me beg...

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